Is your Health and Safety Risk Management in good shape? Have you chosen the optimal opportunity for continuous improvement by engaging a qualified advisor?

HASANZ Registered – what does that mean?

HASANZ Registration is an important part of improving the provision of H&S services in NZ. It may be possible for some individuals without adequate qualifications to provide some useful services, however, to meet the professional standard of risk management that ensures you receive the information and support recommended by WorkSafe NZ, your best option is to find a fully qualified practitioner through the HASANZ Register

The Health and Safety Association of NZ (HASANZ) was developed and founded to assist in identifying practitioners with the required credibility to provide relevant health and law-based (HSWA 2015) health and safety services to New Zealand workplaces i.e. ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBUs =businesses/organisations).

Due to her broad scope of work, for  Shona Kelly, Health and Safety Northland, both the NZ Occupational Health Nurse Association (NZOHNA) and the NZ Institute of Safety Management (NZISM) completed the eligibility assessment. The formal qualification standards and documented evidence of practice were authenticated through both NZOHNA and NZISM. It is important to note that the Registration is applied to an individual, not an organisation.

Consistent and reliable support for workplace health and safety risk management cannot realistically be achieved by a generic approach. Tick-box paperwork can be a time-consuming trap if it is not focused directly on the risks applicable to your business. Monitoring of the systems you use, by a knowledgeable party, enables validation of practice and can aid the necessary continuous improvement.

The current health and safety at work legislation (HSWA 2015) identifies what must be done and does not excuse an employer for not knowing what must be known, regarding health and safety at work. If an employer chooses a poor advisor and failures occur, the employer will be held accountable, not the advisor.

The HASANZ Register includes a range of workplace support professionals: Ergonomists; Occupational Hygienists; Occupational Therapists; Physiotherapists; NZ Safety Council, Occupational Physicians; and a range of other practitioners with expertise e.g. chemical safety and laboratories.

Who will you choose to assist your workplace through compliance and into wellbeing? Are you able to provide excellent health and safety risk management?

HASANZ Register

Through the NZTE-funded Regional Business Partners (RBP) programme, in which ReflectNZ Ltd t/a Health and Safety Northland is a registered provider, you may be eligible to receive full or partial funding for H&S support or Coaching services.

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