Business Support during Covid19

Business Service supported by COVID-19 RBP government funding.

NZTE provides government funding for SMEs, and Health and Safety Northland is a provider under the COVID-19 RBP fully funded support:

Contact your Regional Business Partner (e.g. Northland Inc) to find out if you are eligible for this support. The following programme is our 100% funded offering for eligible SMEs:

  • Change management guidance and support

Would your organisation benefit from some change management support?

ReflectNZ Ltd will work with you, the leader, to clarify your employer obligations. Together we will develop a plan to manage the best outcomes for moving forward whilst addressing issues such as reduced hours and the wellbeing of your workers. 

Our focus is on helping you keep your business sustainable. 

ReflectNZ Ltd Northland

The process will be in three parts:


A discussion with you to understand the current state of the organisation, and the key concerns and questions you have, to establish what will be most helpful. This coaching conversation will help identify initial opportunities and some options for the way forward. 


Together we will confirm the recommendations, and using coaching principles, assist you, the leader, to develop the recommendations (e.g. a change management strategy and communications plan). 


The third step will be to review and support progress through coaching to ensure that all the concerns have been addressed and a range of opportunities defined. 

All meetings and correspondence will be conducted via phone/video conferencing or email. 

Your organisation will be supported by an ICF – accredited coach with expertise in supporting the wellbeing of workers, workplace health and safety and change management, minimising risk and assisting in creating optimum outcomes for your team. 

ReflectNZ Ltd works throughout the Northland region: Whangarei, Kerikeri, Kaikohe, Kaitaia, Dargaville, other North Island locations and beyond.