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Health and Safety Systems

A healthy workplace includes respectful relationships, promptly addressing conflict or disharmony to maintain productivity and wellbeing.

Not sure where to start? Talk to us about.

Facilitated workshops for workers, and/or management coaching sessions, will take you to the next level in progressing productivity and wellbeing within your team.

  • independent auditing or assistance in assessing the currency and effectiveness of your systems, either through a SafePlus Assessment or a less formal process; and
  • undertaking investigations of accidents or incidents that may require an independent investigator.
  • Induction, the best place to start to ensure workers are fully prepared for working in your organisation. Don’t leave new workers at risk of harm in a new environment, or failing to understand the workplace culture. Begin well!
  • Toolbox meetings, or collaborative learning workshops, to ensure all requirements are completed promptly and effectively with worker participation.
  • Support in achieving pre-qualification to enable you to gain contracts.
  • We can undertake the legally required investigation of Notifiable Events, and provide support in your interaction with WorkSafe NZ.
  • Involving and assisting workers in hazard identification and risk management
  • Providing onsite workshops that encourage worker engagement and participation, addressing the risks and controls for work hazards.
  • Developing standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Understanding and developing Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSPs)
  • Facilitating team meetings or workshops, conducted at your workplace, to ensure all workers understand their role in keeping work safe.
  • Your organisation may not yet have developed a Vision, Mission or Code of Conduct. Health and Safety Northland can assist you with the development of these documents that define, in writing, the culture and expectations of your organisation, for its workers and its customers.

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