Health and Safety Training Workshops

Are there more questions than answers in your mind when you consider risk management? Is there a voice in your head that says: ‘she’ll be right mate! (maybe)’?

Do you wear sturdy footwear when you are going on a long hike?

Do you have the car checked before embarking on a driving holiday?

In our lives, most of us take these steps as a matter of course.

Adequate planning can prevent troublesome matters from occurring.

Do you take ‘all reasonably practicable steps’ (HSWA 2015) to prevent potential issues from arising in your workplace? Will you be harmed, or held accountable for harming someone? Do you provide a workplace that considers both knowledge development and the wellbeing of your workers?

To ensure a safe workplace, to enable all workers to return home safely every day, organisations must involve their workers in skills development, through engagement and participation in assessment and planning processes.

If you would like some assistance in providing Health and Safety Training Workshops as part of your workplace risk management programme, contact us to discuss your needs and establish a plan that works for you, to ensure:

  • toolbox meetings become a more useful platform for worker development
  • your monthly meetings become a time for incrementally reviewing aspects of your health and safety system
  • workers assist in developing and reviewing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your high-risk tasks.


We can help facilitate these activities, with a personalised approach to your continuous improvement. (For more information refer to our Health and Safety Training Workshops page).


Shona Kelly HASANZ-Registered Health and Safety Professional

[email protected]

ReflectNZ Ltd works throughout the Northland region: Whangarei, Kerikeri, Kaikohe, Kaitaia, Dargaville, other North Island locations and beyond.